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VlukenizerJava is being developed with the Java SE Development Kit 8u77 and NetBeans IDE 8.1
If you get an error when you try to run VlukenizerJava.jar you may need to download and install the latest Java Virtual Machine for your Operating System.

As of now this application is feature complete!

For downloading and copying directly to your Mac, Linux, Windows or other Java supported Operating System: Just create and or open a folder on your PC and download VlukenizerJava to it. To run the application double click the VlukenizerJava.jar file. For now, I will leave it up to you to create shortcuts etc.

This application can detect and will not run if it has been tampered with. If you are using Internet Explorer to download you may need to rename the file to VlukenizerJava.jar (Some Internet Explorer configurations incorrectly insist on calling it

VlukenizerJava V1.2 build 24... for any Java supported Operating System

Update History:

Build 23 supports printing the weeks events and a contact's details.

Build 22 supports wish lists, encrypted mail, and is now feature complete, yeah!
Build 21 and higher can give you a free month subscription if desired...

Build 20 has code to detect if the application code base has been tampered with.

I have done quick month in build 4, backups in build 5, remove old events, start name option in build 6, help in build 7 and view log in build 8. In build 9 I have changed things so that the app has the look and feel of your operating system. Build 10, 11 has more options supported, build 12 enables playing a sound file on notifications, build 13 enables subscription, and build 14, 15 supports synchronization. In build 16 VlukenizerJava supports deleting your synchronized data from the website, build 17 attempts to resolve some font display issues in Linux, build 18 supports event planners, build 19 has option to minimize to system tray area.