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VlukenizerDroid targets API Level: 16, Android 4.1 (JELLY_BEAN) and higher.

NOTE: This application can detect and will not run if it has been tampered with.

This app is no longer available on Google Play. Google Play is guilty of altering my app on your phone. This was being done shortly after you downloaded it from Goole Play. This was causing my security algorythm, designed to protect users from malicious tamperers, to prevent VlukenizerDroid from running. See NOTE: above.

You can sideload the apk from here. Before downloading go into your device's system settings and scroll down to security. Inside this menu, you’ll see the unknown sources option which needs to be enabled. After download, find VlukenizerDroid.apk on your sd card and touch to install it.

If you are using a screen dimming, filtering app you may need to temporarily disable that app. Some screen dimming apps work by overlaying the whole screen with a translucent window, but letting touch events pass through to the activity below. For security reasons, you can't interact with system dialogs (such as the package installer) through another activity.

Once you are all done don't forget to disable unknown sources again so that you get prompted before a download. So many piranhas online!

VlukenizerDroid V1.2 build 29... for any Android supported device

Update History:

UPDATE April 4: Application is now feature complete. YEAH! I can now go on to develop new features and capabilities.

UPDATE Feb 28: Encrypted mail and event planners now supported for those people with subscriptions... Just wish list / registry to go before more development.

UPDATE Feb 1: All the free stuff is now supported.
For those users with subscriptions, synchronization is supported. Working on supporting encrypted mail, event planners, and wish list / registry etc.

Jan 10: As of now this application just has basic functionality. I am busily re-writing the VlukenizerJava source code to work with Android.