Policies to Live By

Your brain is the CEO of your body and should not allow other parts to dictate to it. Logic, not emotion, should be your “default operating system”.

Smiling at people cheers them and you. It's hard to smile and be angry at the same time.

Anger and other strong emotions cause your stomach to produce more acid temporarily. Prolonged, it can cause ulcers. Get over it.

If what you’re upset about won’t matter later, then it probably doesn’t matter now.

Mainly, what you do is what you are appreciated for and has the most value, not how you look.

To be gentle, you have to be strong. There are two ways to get strong; practice your body and practice your mind.

If you need to buy expensive things to feel good, you’ll usually be depressed.

There is no good reason to buy a million-dollar house, a hundred-thousand-dollar car or a ten-thousand-dollar outfit.

A person with high self-esteem has nothing to prove to others. Have high self-esteem; you are an amazing self-aware, self-replicating, self-repairing marvel of biological engineering. Take care of yourself. Show by example. You are needed.

Decisions made instantly are usually wrong. No decision is better than a wrong decision unless no decision is the wrong decision.

What’s most important when making a mistake is learning from it, and when something goes wrong to find out why.

It is only a little better to do nothing than to do something badly. Hard work has great value; hard smart work has more.

Never stop learning. What you know is your most important quality and has the most worth.

Thinking about the future is better than thinking about the past. Remembering the past is only worthwhile if it will improve the future.

The written word has become as untrustworthy as the spoken word. Treat all information with skepticism.

Don’t believe in ESP, witchcraft or magic and such. Always remember this, if it can’t be seen, felt, tasted or measured, etc. most likely it isn’t there.

Believe it or not, helping others actually helps you. Try it!

Luke Vording.

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