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I’m very good at forgetting recurring events like birthdays, garbage days, recycle days, and scheduled meetings etc. and I don’t like repeatedly having to fill out a calendar to remind me.

If you are even a little like me then this application is for you because this application allows you to enter, once only, many types of recurring events. (For example you can enter, once only, an event that occurs on the second Wednesday of every month. Try doing that in the Google or Microsoft calendars) ☺ If you log on to your PC every day like I do, this free application can help you to never forget an important event again…

Enjoy, your friends, family and co-workers will be pleasantly surprised and pleased with your new remembrance and punctuality, I know mine are. Download and install Vlukenizer to as many PCs or (supported) devices you wish.

Vlukenizer main form Vlukenizer edit form
for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10
VlukenizerJava main form
for Mac, Linux, Windows...
any PC
VlukenizerDroid main form
for any Android supported device
VlukeDevice main form
VlukeDevice based on Windows CE...
for Windows Mobile 6.0 and later

The next sections provide information to users who have or would like a subscription. It can be safely ignored if you are only interested in the free scheduler, organizer, week planner software.

Because I am also very tired of spam in my email inbox and a little worried about businesses scanning the text of my emails for advertising purposes, with a subscription, Vlukenizer for Windows now has a simple and basic encrypted mail option which is intended to allow people to communicate privately, one on one, with their friends, family and or business acquaintances. No spam or advertisements, and no tracking, monitoring by businesses or governments. If you become aware that I, Luke Vording, am reported missing, please consider that NSA or CSEC could be implicated... ☺

With a subscription it is also possible to set Vlukenizer to view, edit and automatically synchronize your event data among all the PCs and devices you install this application on, even with your friends/family. Along with that come event planners for weddings, for moving, for vacations, for childbirth etc. (you get a list of things that need to be done and you get notifications on these items when they need to be done). Using Vlukenizer you can even create a wish/gift registry web page for weddings or to let your friends/family know what to buy you for Christmas or your birthday.

This is how a subscription works:

  1. Download and install Vlukenizer to a PC or (supported) device.
  2. Run Vlukenizer and copy the security key from that Vlukenizer's subscription form.
  3. Visit the Subscription Security Code page (see link below) and enter the security key to generate that Vlukenizer's security code.
  4. If you need a Sync Username and Sync Password read the instructions on the Subscription Security Code page on how to get them.
  5. Insert your Sync Username, Sync Password and the unique Security Code into that Vlukenizer's subscription form.

Now with the unique security codes and your sync username and sync password on each PC or (supported) device, you and/or your friends/family can update the events, contacts, planners, and download the gift registry page all from any PC using your sync username and sync password. When you get back to your regular PC any changed events on it will be updated automatically and if you were working on a gift registry your changes can also be downloaded so that you can continue working on it... You can now also check your events for the week on your own personal private web page with any Internet connected device by entering your sync username and sync password in the login page.

Subscription Security Code... Login found in the Vlukenizer application menu: Tools - Subscription.

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