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If you are not familiar with the game of cribbage you will be able to learn by clicking "Help?" at any time to get instructions and by observing how the computer plays.
In order to show you the points earned, play may be suspended. Just click "Go/Continue" when necessary.

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If your browser does not support HTML5 here is the same game of cribbage in a Java Applet

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The card that is turned over on the deck becomes the fifth card in each hand.

Here are some hints:

All pair combinations score two each, example: Q Q Q 8 3 scores 6 for the Queens.

All combinations of runs of three or more in this order: A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K, score a point for each card in the run, example: A 2 2 3 4 scores 8 for runs plus 2 for pair, for a total of 10.

All combinations of cards that total fifteen are worth two points each. Face card rank is ten, Ace rank is one and the rank of all others are the number they show, example: J 6 4 4 5 scores 6 for fifteen and 6 for runs and 2 for a pair, for a total of 14.

Please email me at lvording at vluke dot ca if you find a bug or have a comment.

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