Online Research Attempt to Determine the Therapeutic Value of Alternative Cancer Treatments

My motive for creating this database: In July of 2016 a loved one was diagnosed with stage 3, grade 1 breast cancer. At that time, neoadjuvant therapy was recommended to try and shrink the tumor. She has now undergone two cycles of chemotherapy with different sets of drugs.

After her first ineffective chemotherapy session, a friend from work recommended trying essiac tea. Her latest CT scan has shown some tumor shrinkage. It is unknowable if this is due to the essiac tea, the latest chemotherapy, or a combination of both.

At present, there are very few valid clinical studies being done on alternative cancer treatments. Why? Does conventional medicine have a vested interest (millions of dollars?) in the current cancer procedures and drugs being used? Are governments (perhaps worried about swindlers preying on the vulnerable?) taking an active role in discouraging the use of alternative treatments? I hope that if enough people fill out this form and submit it to the database, an eminent and qualified research organization will take an interest.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability

The effectiveness of an alternative cancer treatment cannot be evaluated if the original diagnosis is unclear or unknown. Based on a biopsy analysis, what type of cancer was diagnosed?

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Alternative treatments are usually taken in addition to conventional forms of treatment, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Thus, if the tumor regresses, the true alleviating factor may be uncertain. What, if any, conventional cancer treatments were undergone?

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What alternative treatments were tried?

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Objective evidence of improvement is important in evaluating cancer treatments. This includes radiographic evidence, physical exam by a physician, or a significant increase in survival after initiation of treatment. What type of clinical benefit was experienced?

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The internet is full of anecdotal evidence supporting and refuting the therapeutic value of many alternative treatments. To make filling out the form worthwhile and to validate the experience with a specific alternative treatment a researcher needs a way to contact you either by mail, email, or phone number. Please note: this is less information about you than what is typically found in a telephone directory's white pages.
Your name, the patient's name, and your contact information will not be posted online nor will it be given to a non-accredited researcher or research organization.
If you cannot be contacted your selections above will be considered anecdotal.

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